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517 Gypsy Lane
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517 Gypsy Lane
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Ten Fitness Class Ideas for Seniors

Exercise is an essential part of wellness and staying healthy. Here are ten classes offered at the Jewish Community Center of Youngstown perfect for keeping seniors active.

Fitness Class Schedule

Aquatics Class Schedule

Fit for Life – A fun upbeat low impact interval class. We work on building strength, balance, and range of motion to keep you fit for life.

Gentle Chair Yoga – A gentle approach to yoga for those who can’t work on the floor. Learn the basic principles of proper alignment using classical poses to lengthen and strengthen the body.

Meditation/Yoga – The Class consists of gentle guided postures, a brief relaxation period, and concludes with a 15 minute guided meditation.

Delay the Disease™ – A fitness program designed to empower those with Parkinson’s disease to take control with daily exercise. This program is free and open to everyone. Funding is provided by Mercy Health Foundation.

Cardio Line Dancing – We’ll learn the latest dances and groove to the classics. You’ll have so much fun you won’t realize you’re getting a great workout.

Cardio Low – This low-impact class will challenge your cardiovascular system and strengthen your muscles without stressing your joints.

AQUA MOBILITY PLUS – Stimulate joint movements, improve range of motion, and increase balance. This class is approved by the Arthritis Foundation and benefits people with arthritis, chronic orthopedic conditions, or those who are returning to exercise after an injury.

AQUA STEP IT UP FLOW – This class will incorporate exercises to build muscle, improve balance, and enhance flexibility. This class will also focus on improving strength, range of motion, balance, and endurance.

AQUA WATER IN MOTION – Condition your cardiovascular system in this low impact version of water aerobics. This is a Silver Sneakers® approved class.


AQUA WATER WONDERS – This low impact class will help improve posture, decrease joint and muscle pain, and the risk for falls and injury. The full range of motion exercises will also help with strength and flexibility.