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Heritage Manor Unveils Phase 2 Renovations

Written By Senior Living by Youngstown Area Jewish Federation

On June 30, Senior Living by the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation unveiled phase two of a three phase construction project to update the Heritage Manor Rehabilitation & Retirement Community. Phase 2 provided an over $800,000 investment to Heritage Manor. The second phase expands our ability to provide a more up to date and comprehensive rehabilitation program for the residents.

The new facilities include a therapy gym, rehabilitation solarium, veteran’s courtyard, therapy mock apartment, and therapy office to Schwebel Family Foundation Wing.

The 2,000 square foot therapy gym includes brand new equipment including new technology from VirtuSense called VST Balance that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the gait and balance of the patient to create a personalized program that improves their walking ability, safety, and balance.

The facility’s goal is to set up home-going residents for success upon discharge, and part of that practice will be enhanced by the use of the new mock apartment. By using the mock apartment, the staff help residents simulate real life routines that they will face in their own homes.

“As a physical therapist, this is the room that I am most proud of. The mock apartment is important for our homegoing residents because we can recreate live and functional activities to put people through so they can experience what life will be like in their own homes under the oversight a therapist,” said Eric Murray, executive director of senior services.

“One of the phase 2 projects that we were most excited about was the creation of the Veteran’s Courtyard. We are proud to serve our residents and are grateful for their service,” said Lisa Long, financial resource development director for the Federation.

Heritage Manor is the only VA approved provider of long-term care in Mahoning county, and has been partnered with the VA since 2008.

“In fact, roughly half of our residents, both Jewish and non-Jewish, have previously served in the military and about a quarter of our residents, both Jewish and non-Jewish, receive their long-term care benefits from the VA,” said Murray.

The Veteran’s Courtyard provides outdoor space with views of the flags of the military branches for all the residents to enjoy, and will also provide a place for Veteran’s themed programming.

Prior to the expansion project the 72 bed facility had 42 private rooms, 16 rooms that shared one bathroom for every two rooms and seven semi-private rooms. Phase 1 of this expansion project added 12 private rooms, each with their own restroom, meaning 66 rooms are private.

“By the end of phase 3 all of our rooms will be private rather than semi-private, and will include private restrooms too,” said Murray.