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A Day at Adult Day Services at Heritage Manor

Written By Senior Living by Youngstown Area Jewish Federation

In this series, we asked some of the clients and their families what their day is like at Adult Day Services. Our clients have a unique perspective on the world, and we are excited to share it with you.

Hello! My name is Bob, and I am a proud Veteran and a retiree from NMLK. I live at home with my wife, Cathy. She is the one who helps me with everything.

In the morning, she makes me breakfast before we head to Adult Day Services at Heritage Manor. Then, when we arrive, one of the aides will come out and entice me with a cup of coffee so Cathy can head off to work for the day.

My favorite room at Adult Day Service is the TV room, where I can enjoy some quiet, a comfy recliner, and my favorite TV shows. A couple of my favorite movies to watch are “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Father of the Bride.” I love comedies and sharing laughs with the other people who come to spend the day here. I also like to watch the aides work because they always find a way to make me laugh. They say they love my smile!

Sometimes I play BINGO (the girls help me win) and I LOVE sweets, so that’s the prize I choose. The aides always ensure I am well taken care of, and I appreciate everything they do.

My favorite food is lasagna, which we have for lunch a couple of times a month; those are my favorite days. I enjoy the live music that comes but don’t like to be too close to the loud sounds, so I enjoy it from the comfort of my recliner in the TV Room.

The aides always say, “What about Bob?” like the movie, making me smile every time. So overall my day is very relaxed, just like I like it to be! It’s my home away from home.